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WSS Fusion

Ford Fusion Audio Upgrade On A Budget For Hanover Client

A client from Hanover, Pennsylvania came to WSS Westminster Speed & Sound looking to improve the sound quality of his 2014 Ford Fusion. He had a few major goals in … [More...]

Custom Service

Customer Service Is Not Just a Buzzword at WSS

Many companies talk about giving great customer service. And then you buy something from them and you can't believe how poorly you are treated. We have all experienced this. I just … [More...]

Dash Camera

Dash Cameras and DVRS Now Available In Baltimore Area

If you have spent any time in a taxi or a shuttle bus over the lest few years, you may have noticed a small camera mounted to the windshield aimed into the passenger compartment. … [More...]

car audio is easy

Car Audio is Easy? Not In Today’s Vehicles

On occasion we will be talking to a client about doing an audio upgrade in their vehicle and they will say to us: "How hard can it be to install my new stereo system? Car audio is … [More...]

factory toyota audio

Why Does My Factory Toyota Audio System Sound Bad?

One of the most popular upgrades at WSS Westminster Speed and Sound are speakers. This is one area where car manufacturers try and save money. If you could see what we see on a … [More...]

remote Car Starter Range

Remote Car Starter Range: Why Is It So Important?

One of the most popular topics we cover on Remote Car Starters here at WSS Westminster Speed & Sound is range. So let's explore the different types of range and why remote car … [More...]