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Porsche Navigation Upgrade-16

Porsche Stereo Upgrade Improves Navigation As Well

A client from Edgewater, MD brought his 2006 911 Carrera 4 to us looking for one of our famous Porsche stereo upgrades. He absolutely loved the car (and so did we!) but he disliked … [More...]

Classic Car Stereo Upgrade

Classic Car Stereo Upgrade With No Cutting Required

A client from Owings Mills MD brought his beautiful 1965 Chevy Nova to us looking for a classic car stereo upgrade. This car was absolutely stunning. He was in the process of … [More...]

Excursion Smartphone Integration

Excursion Technology Upgrade Adds Bluetooth, Backup Safety and More

A customer from Manchester, Maryland came to WSS Westminster Speed & Sound looking to modernize the electronics in their vehicle and to improve the cosmetics. They had recently … [More...]

SuperDuty Audio Upgrade

SuperDuty Audio Upgrade Focuses on Sound Quality

A client from Frederick, Maryland called WSS Westminster Speed & Sound inquiring about doing an audio upgrade in his 2011 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab truck. We spent some time on … [More...]

Window Film Plotter

Window Tint Plotter: Why You Want Your Tint Facility To Use One

So you want to get your windows tinted? Maybe you want it done to improve the looks of your vehicle. It could be you are doing it for the heat rejection benefits. It might even be … [More...]


WSS Westminster Speed & Sound Brings Window Film 100% In-House

After thirteen years of subcontracting out our window film installations, WSS Westminster Speed & Sound has made the decision to bring all of the work in house. Since 2001, we … [More...]