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Window Film Plotter

Window Tint Plotter: Why You Want Your Tint Facility To Use One

So you want to get your windows tinted? Maybe you want it done to improve the looks of your vehicle. It could be you are doing it for the heat rejection benefits. It might even be … [More...]


WSS Westminster Speed & Sound Brings Window Film 100% In-House

After thirteen years of subcontracting out our window film installations, WSS Westminster Speed & Sound has made the decision to bring all of the work in house. Since 2001, we … [More...]

2011 Chevrolet Silverado-88

Silverado Performance Upgrades Complete WSS Demo Vehicle

In our 1st article we talked about the audio upgrades and Hushmat sound deadening that was done on our 2011 Silverado truck here at WSS Westminster Speed & Sound. You can see … [More...]

Industry Awards

Industry Awards: What Being a Top Shop Really Means

(WSS was recently named one of the top retailers in the country.  Again!  This is the 4th year in a row and the 6th time since 2001 that they have been so honored.  As the owner of … [More...]

Chevrolet Silverado Audio System

Chevy Silverado Audio Upgrade Part of WSS Demo Vehicle Project

We have had many great demo vehicles over the years here at WSS. The most recent project we completed was our 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500. We wanted to go "over the top" on the audio … [More...]

Econoline Work Van

Econoline Work Van Gets The Works

A client from the Baltimore area came to us with his 2011 Ford Econoline work van looking for several upgrades. This E250 van was going to be used as a work van (as usual) and he … [More...]